Although boygroup W.A.O debuted only on April 22, 2021, just a mere few days later, their social media account was suspended due to an overwhelming number of reports. According to fans, W.A.O’s official Twitter account faced an influx of malicious comments, resulting in the account being mass-reported and eventually taken down.

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| W.A.O

The boy group had been on the receiving end of hate, as some felt that the boys did not meet standards of beauty for idols. Their debut profile tweet received an outpour of hate through quote tweets, including the following example, where a netizen commented, “Is this for real? The more irrelevant the company is, the more so they cannot be like this.

| @gidlecafee/Twitter

Fans were hoping that people will help in getting their account back by filing a report to Twitter.

It seems that they were successful, as the account is back up and running. The tweet that received hate from netizens can be viewed below.

A friendly reminder that every human is beautiful in their own right and is undeserving of hate. In the meantime, show your support for the boys by watching their music video for their debut song, “On The Fire” below.