Actor/singer Kim Joon, most famous for his role in KBS drama “Boys Over Flowers,” will join the Korean police force this September, local media reported today.

Kim Joon, also a member of group T-Max, was supposed to enlist in the Korean Army on July 25th. But in order to serve the police forces instead for his two year mandatory military service, he delayed the enlistment date until September.

Kim Joon’s management agency released an official statement today saying, “Initially T-Max was planning to sign with a Japanese management agency this year and start Japanese promotions from late June. But Kim Joon unexpectedly got the call from Korean military and decided to join police forces in the second half of this year.”

Kim Joon also tweeted on June 5th, “The exact date has not been determined yet. I’ll let you know when it’s all confirmed!”

Following his debut in 2007 through K-Pop group T-Max, Kim Joon has crossed-over to acting as well, making a huge splash as one of the famous F4 members in 2009 KBS drama “Boys Over Flowers.” He was later cast on KBS drama “Homicide Division” further expanding his acting horizons.