THE BOYZ have been an incredibly successful 4th generation K-Pop group, earning the title of one of only 6 from that generation to make over 1 million album sales since they debuted on December 6, 2017.


With 11 members, it can be tricky to make sure all of them get a fair amount of lines. While there are definitely some members that get more than others, the group overall seems to do a pretty good job of varying who gets the most lines in their songs, and there isn’t any single member who seems to get more vocal time than others to a drastic degree.


Here are the line distributions for all 16 songs that THE BOYZ released in 2020, off of their Reveal and Chase albums as well as a Christmas single.


1. “Ego”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T160325.448


meta-chart - 2021-01-20T160608.546

3. “Shake You Down”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T160737.048

4. “Scar”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T160903.228

5. “Salty”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T161052.227

6. “Break Your Rules”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T161423.964

7. “Wings”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T162127.589

8. “Goodbye”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T162305.998

9. “Spring Snow”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T162509.175

Album Total:

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T170231.188


1. “Shine Shine”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T170700.694

2. “The Stealer”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T171013.071

3. “Insanity”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T171143.685

4. “Whiplash”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T171418.950

5. “Make or Break”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T171644.917

6. “Checkmate”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T171938.620

Album Total:

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T173204.525


1. “Christmassy!”

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T173806.960

Overall Total:

meta-chart - 2021-01-20T174605.287

1st: New (14.7%)

2nd: Sunwoo (13.6%)

3rd: Sangyeon (10.7%)

4th: Jacob (10.2%)

5th: Hyunjae (10%)

6th: Kevin (9.9%)

7th: Juhaknyeon (7.2%)

8th: Q (7.1%)

9th: Younghoon (6.1%)

10th: Eric (5.7%)

11th: Juyeon (4.7%)