The Boyz, at a showcase on November 29 for their 3rd mini album “The Only,” talked about their latest comeback and shared their reactions to the recent leak of their music.

Sunwoo said, “I’ve been writing lyrics on every album. Honestly, I’m so thankful, but at the same time, I feel pressure. However, every time I do it, I feel myself growing, so it’s fun. If the opportunity arises in the future, I’d be so thankful to work on our next album, and the album after that.”

Eric said that the group prepared this album thinking about how thankful they are to their fans. “We were excited and worried leading up to our debut, but now that we are coming up on our first anniversary, we prepared this album with the thought of giving back to our fans.”

Hwall said he can’t believe that it’s already been one year since they debuted. “We’re still rookies, but we’ll continue to work hard in the future, never forgetting how happy and thankful we were when we debuted.”

The Boyz member Hyunjae wants to work more both individually and abroad, and wishes for The Boyz to eventually become synonymous with K-pop, and Ju Haknyeon added, “It may seem greedy, but the music show trophies are so cool. I want The Boyz to be able to win it with fans. Once it’s over, the winners also sing an encore, and I would love to experience that.”

On the recent leak of their music, Sangyeon said, “We were a little surprised. It’s [music] that we were preparing for a long time, and we’re thankful in a way, because it means that people are interested. But [despite the leak], we focused more on practicing, since our promotions were coming up.”

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