The mastermind that is Brave Bros. is producing a track with hit girl sensation, T-ARA. The digital single is set for February 10th. But, the question is what took so long? Classic club dance with trance elements make up the backbone of T-ARA, so these guys are an obvious choice for them.

Brave has defined the sound of Son Dam Bi and helped launch After School’s career, as well as they have worked with other established artists such as U-KISS, Sistar, Big Bang and numerous others.

Bummer though, it’s only listed as a digital release and a promotional track for Brave Brothers , think of it more as a Brave track with T-ara singing on it. There’s also no music video to be filmed.

I can’t wait to hear what T-ara and Brave have in store! It’s gonna be off the hook!

Source: BUGS