Disaster struck during a television broadcast performance for Brave Girls consisting of screen interference and a member falling on stage.

On the episode of KBS 2TV program “Music Bank” aired on March 2, Brave Girls appeared to showcase their song “Nowadays You.”

At this filming, Brave Girls put on a great show despite the unexpected stage thief. The camera angle shifted poorly so that instead of capturing the Brave Girls members, the television broadcast captured the backside of its staff member instead. Rather than being an artist’s stage, it became a stage for further mishaps.  Many viewers were confounded by such a glaring error.

Additionally, a member slipped and fell towards the end of the performance.  Perhaps she was too distracted by the staff’s mistake just a little bit earlier?  Fortunately, she was able to quickly stand up and successfully finish the performance.

After watching the performance, netizens commented with “An unlucky day for Brave Girls today?” “Oh no, even falling on stage,” and “I was surprised by the sudden appearance of that staff member’s back.  For a moment, I thought it was a new member.”