Brave Girls, who debuted earlier this year, have released their music video for their title track and comeback song, “Easily (feat Skul1).”

The song is a reggae style song which pays homage to veteran singer Kim Gun Mo and his hit song, “Excuse.” Although the track is a med-tempo song, it doesn’t stop the girls from showcasing their dance moves.

Along with their music video, Brave Girls have also released concept photos for their new mini album, “Back to da Future.”

Leader Eun Young and fellow member Yejin are seen posing with their “sexy bikini look”, which seems to be their concept look. Brave Entertainment has stated, “The girls will be coming back with a reggae concept. This time, we’re showing off a sexy bikini look, which we’re sure will arouse the curiosity of fans.”

Member Yejin had solo shots of herself  from their album jacket photoshoot released. Showing off a well toned body and confident smile, she radiates a sexy image like the one from their debut.

With a confident and sexy image, Brave Girls are becoming more and more recognized as a rising rookie group.