Fans of Brave Girls are ecstatic by the fact that the group is getting the attention they deserve after “Rollin’” went viral 4 years after its release.


But they’re also heartbroken after realizing that just one week before they topped the charts, Yuna was considering quitting her life as an idol to try out a different career path.

| @u.nalee/Instagram

When asked about a possible comeback, Yuna was not optimistic.

There’s no plan of a comeback.

— Yuna


She even confessed that she was considering alternative career paths outside of the entertainment industry.

I don’t think I can do this anymore. I’m considering a second career path at this point. I’ve worked a lot of part-time jobs before. I want to become a professional barista. I’m planning to stick it out just until May.

— Yuna

| @u.nalee/Instagram

Not only did she reveal what she would do outside of the entertainment industry, but she also asked her fans to visit if that really happens.

Let’s become friends if I leave the agency.

— Yuna

It was revealed that Brave Girls had such few activities that the members even left the dorm to go home.

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But just one week later, a fan video of “Rollin’” went viral, causing the song to even hit number 1 on the music charts!

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They’re expected to appear on upcoming music programs as well as radio and variety shows.

| Brave Entertainment

Check out Yuna’s full confession below: