Seoul is full of  free events, and that does not exclude the all-inclusive G20 Summit Concert event. This year’s official line up was exciting. With BEAST and 4Minute headlining the Asia’s Most Influential Artist Award, this concert also includes bi/Rain, Boa, Kara, Lee Seung-chul, and surprise appearance from Teen Top and E.Via! Other notable artists from Asia includes Michael Wong, AKB48, Jane Zhang, Joe Cheng, and Bie the Star.


Also ran into Simon and Martina from! Very funny and informative if you’re anywhere interested in any aspect of the Korean culture! They were here at the G20 Concert on an invited assignment! Got, press section! I really recommend you (yes YOU!) to check them out! They are my inspiration to be in Korea right now! It was like meeting my mentors! Please let me have this moment—*insert spazz here* — Ok! I’m done!



Seoul is also a magical place, as we have learned from some recent experiences, and it continues to be even more magical. Usually when people are hungry, they can basically go to any corner of the street and find a convenience store or street food. No such luck today— as a matter of fact— BETTER luck. Wandering into the ONLY place when there is FOOD— a building with a sign that says “Food Stand” or something, hoping, finally having a bite to eat after being packed like little sardines at the tickets exchange booth “line.”


Walking closer, a familiar song was playing— ok, no biggie, we’re in Korea— K-pop is everywhere— but no— this sounds LIVE….. Walking a little faster into the building with the “Food Stand” sign, realized that it was a sign for a food stand AT A CONCERT ARENA. HOMGZ. So walking in, no, running in— Kara JUST started performing their hit single “Lupin” on stage! WHAT?! Do we need a ticket for this? No, I guess not! Nobody is stopping us! Walking faster, arriving at the front row of the concert— still no one is stopping us! So a good K-pop reporter had to do what a good k-pop reporter had to do— REPORT ON THIS CONCERT OF COURSE!


Below is the BONUS— SURPRISE!— KARA concert from the BRAVO SMC: SAMSUNG HOSPITAL! The venue was ONLY a nine minute walk from the Olympic stadium, if we have never gotten lost trying to find food, we would have NEVER FOUND THIS!!!!



Kara – Honey (Bravo SMC)

Kara – Lupin (Bravo SMC)


Kara – Pretty Girl  (Bravo SMC)


Kara – Mister (Bravo SMC)


*Sorry about the shaky camera. It was not easy fighting a horde of fangirls (and fanboys!).


After Kara have left the stage, it was time for the seating of the G20 Concert! It was about to start— tired feet, but running is a must.



The G20 concert start around 7:30pm. With 9 Muses opening, the next one up is none other than my homegirl E.VIA!!!!

Coming at *CHU* from the 8th row at the Press Section——–

E.via – Pick up! Chu~♡ 


After some waiting time, Teen Top is up next!


Teen Top – Clap

Super impressive surprise performance by Teen Top! They weren’t even in the schedule! Good surprise is good!


After more wait time by filler artists, it’s time for 4Minute!


4Minute – I My Me Mine


4Minute – Hot Issue + HuH


Right after 4 minute’s stunning performance, 2AM came on the stage!




2AM – 죽어도 못 보내 (Even if I Die, I can’t let you go)


After this wonderful number, the next song is “잘못했어” (I was Wrong). Unfortunately, no videos were captured because the conservation of battery for BEAST, Boa, and Rain is a must. 


Michael Wong (光良), a singer originally from Malaysia was next. He sang his most famous single “Fairytale” (Tong Hwa). Singing along with it? Of course!


Then, it was Bie The Star, Jane Zhang, Joe Cheng, and Lee Seung-chul’s turn. Everyone did amazing, but sadly, I have very limited knowledge of them, especially the Chinese-speaking stars. And somewhere in between this mix, AKB48 performed. It was really hard to watch if you were depressed. If you were in a happy mood—- hey, it was not too bad!

KARA performed AGAIN!! A special double whammy of KARA, with a total of 6 songs we heard KARA performed today. No videos for this G20 segment, the front row ones are better ^^




And finally, ladies and gentlemen, or should I say—— Beauty and the Beast, I bring to you the SHOCK that is Beast!


B2st (BEAST) – Shock!


And finally… from their newest hit-single… SOOM!


B2st (Beast) – Soom


Of course, you know who’s coming up…


It’s your buddy, Rain!


Bi/Rain – Rainism


Bi/Rain – Love Song

…doing some kind of sexy dance de42


After Rain’s stunning sexy abs dance performance, only BoA was left on the list that haven’t gone…so guess who’s next!!!! No really, Guess!


BoA! She did three songs. First song was “Copy & Paste” from her new single, the second song was “Hurricane Venus”, the third song was”Valentin”… oldie, but a goodie!

The concert ended with the awards being given to B2st and 4 Minute being Asia’s Most Influential Artists. All the artists got on stage and sang the G20 theme song together “Let’s Go!” The song that they have successfully brainwashed into our heads by playing it repeatedly on the big screen non-stop for 2 hours or so before the show ever started (=o=;).


Spectacular fireworks—


…, I meant… SPECTACULAR FIREWORKS covered the ENTIRE SKY… scattered like diamonds and rubies on dark velvet!!! — to say the least. I can’t help but screamed with the entire Republic of Korea as the roar broke through the clear night sky and pierced through the heart of Seoul with an intensity and excitement of all 400,000 of us.


Luckily, no one died.

Port-a-potties all full at the end.

Subway = chaos.

People go home de42

People happy de00