In the middle of the shocking decision to choose currently airing KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bridal Mask” female lead Jin Se Yeon, who is still shooting for the drama, over T-ara member Eunjung for the female lead role in drama “Five Fingers,” it has come out that KBS is not happy with such a decision and cannot understand such a decision.

On August 23, “Bridal Mask” drama producer Lee Geon Jun said that, “It is ridiculous and unheard of for a mini-series drama female lead, while the drama is still broadcasting, to be splitting her time appearing in another drama.”

The “Bridal Mask” drama production’s concern is that as the two dramas’ shooting schedules overlap, at a critical point in shooting, the busy drama “Bridal Mask” might suffer some harm.

The female lead role of Oh Mok Dan cannot not be a big role, and with the coming of the final episode of the drama “Bridal Mask” on September 6 which will hit the drama’s climax, the drama production is worried that Jin Se Yeon’s focus and attention will not be on drama “Bridal Mask” but on the other drama she is shooting.

Producer Lee Geon Jun further commented that, “It is not our position that for the actress to shoot another drama at the same time, that she must get our permission.  As long as the actress does not harm our drama, there is no obligation to stop her.  But, at the last moment, in this busy situation, for the female lead actress to shoot another drama, it is clearly harmful to the drama.”