Actor Yoon Bong Gil, who plays the bumbling but good-hearted junior police officer in KBS drama “Bridal Mask,” posted a photograph with fellow actors Joo Won, who plays the dual roles of Lee Kang To and Bridal Mask, and Park Ki Woong, who plays the once pure-hearted but turned-to-the-dark-side Kimura Shunji, on his Me2Day account.

Actor Yoon Bong Gil plays a junior officer Abe Shinji who provides comic relief in the drama as the junior officer torn between his good heart and his duties as a junior police officer of the Japanese government.

The photograph is a composite of two photographs.  The first photograph shows Yoon Bong Gil, who as a junior police officer is often ordered around by Joo Won and Park Ki Woong, being fanned by Joo Won.    The second photograph shows Yoon Bong Gil, who is often treated harshly by Park Ki Woong due to his loyalty to Joo Won, posing together in a sweet and close way.

Netizens who viewed the photograph responded: “On the set, Yoon Bong Gil is a popular man,” “This photo is really a reversal.”