Having finally reached a viewership of 20%, KBS Wednesday-Thursday “Bridal Mask” drama production is working hard to the last moment.

On August 24, according to viewership research company AGB Nielson Media Research, 20.3% of the entire country’s viewership watched the August 23 broadcasting of drama “Bridal Mask,” and “Bridal Mask” led all dramas in its category.  The August 23 broadcasted episode of “Bridal Mask” even had a .5% point increase over its August 22 broadcasted episode.

Now with only four more episodes left, with antagonist Japanese officer Shunji (played by actor Park Ki Woong) discovering that the true identity of hunted masked crusader “Bridal Mask” is his once-best friend, love rival, and fellow Japanese officer Lee Kang To (played by actor Joo Won), the drama “Bridal Mask” has now laid out the final stage of the story arc.  Aside from what will happen to symbol of the resistance movement Bridal Mask, viewers also want to know how the tangled love line between Shunji, Lee Kang To, Oh Mok Dan (played by actress Jin Se Yeon), and Lala/Rie (played by actress Han Chae Ah) will be untangled.  (To view released stills of the characters, don’t forget to click through the gallery on Soompi.)

Additionally, with the shock announcement of drama “Bridal Mask” female lead Jin Se Yeon agreeing to take on the new drama “Five Fingers” female lead, viewers’ curiousity about drama “Bridal Mask” has risen.  Netizens wonder whether the increase in viewers is due to interest in Jin Se Yeon.