Eamonn Kilbride, a 46 year-old IT manager and father of three, collapsed and passed away from a heart attack after dancing to PSY’s worldwide famous track “Gangnam Style.” This happened at his office Christmas party in Blackburn, Northern England.

His wife, Julie, was enjoying the party with him and was there celebrating her birthday. After her husband’s death, Julie Kilbride told the newspaper Sun that her Eamonn had been on the stage dancing and “entertaining everybody” until he suddenly collapsed.

Eamonn Kilbride was pronounced dead at around 11:30 p.m. at the Royal Blackburn Hospital. The coroner reported that he died from acute heart failre, a condition which can be caused by vigorous exercise.

Professor Bernard Keavney, a cardiologist at Newcastle University stated: “I certainly wouldn’t say that people need to avoid “Gangnam Style” over the holidays. [But] if you’re unused to taking vigorous physical exercise, you shouldn’t throw yourself into violent exertion without due preparation.”

Eamonn Kilbride is survived by his wife and three children: Laurajade, 22, Jack, 21 and Conor, 18. His wife expressed that her husband was “always the life of the party and loved dancing.”