Brown Eyed Girls Ga In has recently showed off her glamorous body.

Ga In has been the long-time model for the casual innerwear brand, “Yes” and has recently participated in a fall season photo shoot, which was released on August 28.

This season’s photo shoot for “Yes” was shot with a contemporary and lovely theme in effort to meet with the lovely and happy feelings for women in their twenties. A new variety of lingerie styles have been created for this fall line. Ga In is one of the top style icons among stars in their twenties, which helped enhance the product’s image. Ga In shed her usual charismatic image that she shows on stage and instead displayed a fresh and cute concept.

In the photos, Ga In sports her signature bottomless fashion by wearing hot pants, which showed off her shapely legs. Contrasting with her cute poses and facial expressions was her voluptuous bust, which also gave her a sexy edge.