On April 24, Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In posted a series of photos on her Instagram, with words of comfort for her fans, in the aftermath of her recent photo scandal.

She writes, “Did something happen? Dear fans, you guys were probably really sad and worried. I will take care of it, so just wait a little bit.”

Her fans warmly respond with supportive comments such as, “You probably had the hardest time. We’ve missed you a lot,” “This is probably why people become her fans. Stay strong,” and “You’re the best! As expected from my ‘girl crush.’”

Meanwhile, one media outlet previously reported on April 20 that certain explicit photos circulating the internet were allegedly of Ga In and her boyfriend, actor Joo Ji Hoon. However, this turned out to be untrue, and both Joo Ji Hoon and Ga In’s respective agencies have said that they will be taking strong legal action against those responsible for spreading false rumors.

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