Ga In, from Brown Eyed Girls, is well known for her mannequin-like body and has revealed her weight and height.

On October 19, she made a guest appearance on SBS’s “100 Million Won Quiz Show” where two teams compete for the big cash prize. They will have to correctly answer the question or a chance will be given to the other team to advance onto the next stage.

Ga In had to answer the question “What is the bust size of a person wearing clothing size 55?” The multiple choices list “1. 155cm tall (5 feet), 2. Weighs 55kg (121 pounds) or 3. Arm length is 55cm long (21.6 inches).” After contemplating, she answered: “I think #1 is the correct answer.” She went on to share her thinking process, surprising the show’s staff since it’s not in the script: “I think #1 is right.. I wear size 44 and I weigh around 45kg (99 pounds). Hmm, that means, it could possibly be #2 too.”

Netizens who saw the show displayed their surprise, “Shock! She’s 45kg?” “One has to be around that weight to be able to reveal such an information,” “Sounds like she’s bragging,” “That’s every girl’s dream.. 45kg” “She’s so confident!” “Ga In revealed her weight? Wonder about the other members..”

Soompiers, it’s surprising that Ga In voluntarily revealed her height and weight on air when many girls like to keep it a secret from their friends and even family. Do you think her confidence and truthfulness are some reasons why people love her?