It is known that Brown Eyed Girls GaIn, who has collapsed due to overwork and exhaustion, has been recovering well.

GaIn’s company said on September 22nd, “She will be
undergoing full body examination this afternoon. She has fainted due to
fatigue accumulation. This is the time when she needs rest the most.”

With that, they came out to say again, “She has received sleep and
treatment and is recovering well. We will need to follow up closely to
see when she will be discharged, but we are seeing that she will most
probably be discharged on September 23rd.

GaIn has fainted in their quarters early morning on September 22nd and was hospitalized.

Their company representative revealed that, “GaIn had fainted while
taking a short rest in between schedules and was hospitalized.” With
GaIn hospitalized, all four schedules planned for September 22nd have been

A staff member also revealed that GaIn has been working late nights for three
days straight due to CF filming, etc. And her health condition has been
a worry.

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