Brown Eyed GirlsGain‘s most recent photo shoot has been released!

Gain was featured in the November edition of the beauty magazine, Beauty+ and she showed off a colorful eye makeup look. Smokey, dark and thick eyeliner has been Gain’s signature look but this time, she went for a colorful and bright look.

Gain is said to always be actively involved in performance or photo shoot concepts herself and this time wasn’t any different. She commented, “Because Beauty+ is a beauty magazine, I thought that we should place an emphasis on the makeup for this photo shoot. I thought it would be good to have a bright concept like my title track, ‘Bloom‘ so we looked for a unique and bright look.”

Gain’s clear, white skin was more emphasized by the unique eye makeup style, giving off a mysterious and innocent charm at the same time. Gain’s blonde hair also helped to perfect this look.

Gain also sat down for an interview and talked about her “must-have” beauty items. This interview and photo shoot can be found in the November edition of Beauty+.