Brown Eyed Girls‘ members JeA, Narsha, and Miryo have now become free agents after deciding not to re-sign with agency Nega Network.

Brown Eyed Girls debuted back in 2006, and the contracts of members JeA, Narsha, and Miryo ended at the end of August this year after ten years with Nega Network. The group’s youngest member Ga In previously left Nega Network in December of 2011 and is currently with APOP Entertainment.

A source from the entertainment industry says, “JeA, Narsha, and Miryo are not currently looking for a new agency. It’s highly likely that after being at one company for so long since their debut, now that their contracts have ended they will take some time before deciding on their future plans.”

Another source, who is said to be well-informed of insider news about the group, says, “If the members of a group become part of different agencies, then of course it could be a problem for the group as a whole. However there are no such concerns about this group. It’s known that there is discussion about the release of a new Brown Eyed Girls album.”

Are you hoping we’ll get confirmation about a future Brown Eyed Girls comeback soon?

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