Girl group Brown Eyed Girls‘ leader JeA will be beginning her solo activities after dropping a new song in April.

JeA noted on April 2 that, ” I was surprised that news of my new song was publicized in the middle of the live broadcast of ‘Produce 101.’ The schedule was shifted forward because work on the album is coming along a lot faster than expected… Please look forward to it.”

The new song is the first since her first solo album, “Just JeA,” in 2013. JeA not only sings, but also she has been contributing to writing and producing numerous songs, building on her credentials as a female producer.

According to her agency Mystic Entertainment (APOP), “You will be able to feel JeA’s growth as a vocalist and producer through this new song” and “please look forward to JeA’s upcoming single album, which will be released within the month of April.”

So many comebacks in April!

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