Brown Eyed Girls‘ newest single hot off the (digital) press has achieved an “all-kill” on Korean music charts.

The group’s digital single “Recipe” was released today, July 9, at noon (KST), and soon after, Brown Eyed Girls was number one on real-time charts at Melon, Bugs, Naver Music, Mnet Music, and Soribada, according to Sports Seoul. As of 4:53PM KST, “Recipe” is number one on Daum Music as well, and second place at Olleh Music, under 2NE1‘s “Falling in Love.”

Rising producer Primary composed the song “Recipe,” styled in the retro pop genre, and the lyrics were written by member Miryo, Primary, and Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza. The track compares the mentality between men and women to a cooking recipe. The song is available through online music stores. You can preview a clip of it here at Naver Music

Congratulations, Brown Eyed Girls!