After dismissing rumors of Brown Eyed Girls disbanding, the group’s agency Nega Network stated, “The recording for Miryo‘s solo album is done and ready. We are discussing specific release dates. We are looking at late June to early July.”

They also revealed that Ga In will be featuring in Miryo’s album and that it would be released before Brown Eyed Girls’ group comeback.

Previously, there had been rumors that the group was disbanding. Their agency commented, “Rumors of Brown Eyed Girls disbanding are not true at all. We have never even discussed it. We are currently working on an album. We have not said anything about adding a new member or disbanding.”

Also, while Ga In was promoting her solo album recently, she mentioned that Brown Eyed Girls would be making a comeback.

Brown Eyed Girls debuted in 2006 and have had solo and unit group promotions.

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