Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha will be starting anew after completing her contract with Mystic Entertainment!

On February 12, Dmost Entertainment revealed that they signed an exclusive contract with Narsha. They revealed, “Narsha will be having activities on broadcasts with album promotions as well as variety shows and acting.”

Through the agency, Narsha shared, “I’m very thrilled and excited to be working with Dmost. With a new beginning and a new agency, I want to showcase my growth while communicating together [with everyone]. Please send lots of interest and support as I’m expecting to promote actively in 2019 to show a more wonderful side of myself.”

Narsha debuted as a member of Brown Eyed Girls in 2006 and signed with Mystic Entertainment in 2015. She’s received much love from Brown Eyed Girls’ unrivaled concepts as well as her performances in her solo activities, acting, variety shows, home shopping programs, radio, and more. Narsha is also expected to continue her activities with Brown Eyed Girls.

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