As soon as aespa Ningning‘s comeback teasers were released, fans were floored by the hot visuals she delivered; head to toe, and background!

ning teaser 6
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Artist Bryan Hyunh explained the inspiration behind Ningning’s fiery teasers, and that these teasers were influenced from a very specific setting from JRPGs!

ning teaser 5
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Taking to his Instagram stories, he revealed that the setting was inspried from a scenario of a “final boss battle to end them all”!

ning teaser 1

ning teaser 2

ning teaser 3

ning teaser 4

Fans were incredibly impressed with the teasers, especially with how well it Ningning embodied it!

ning teaser 7
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aespa recently released the first set of group teasers for their May 17 comeback with “Next Level”.

See them here!

aespa 11
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aespa 12
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