As part of their summer comeback, BTOB will be releasing a new season of their behind-the-scenes reality show “The Beat“!

Last year, the guys starred in the first season of “The Beat,” which featured the group’s various hilarious exploits. It showed them preparing for their shows, playing games, goofing around in their dressing room, as well as commentating on videos of their concerts. Overall, it was a great opportunity for fans to see what the guys are like offstage.

The new season of “The Beat” is said to be even better than the first. It will start on July 1, and will air on Wednesdays at 11 a.m KST on Naver Starcast. On June 25, a teaser was released that shows the members holding up signs that when combined read “BTOB – The Beat.”

BTOB will be dropping their first full-length album “Complete” at midnight on June 29.

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