Rookie group BTOB has been covered on a public Spanish news segment just after a single day of their debut.

Cube Entertainment’s newest project, idol group BTOB appeared on two Spanish news shows on March 23. First, they appeared on Tele5’s 2 o’clock news and next, they appeared on the main news show on Cuatro TV.

Tele5’s news show gave a report that was titled, “The Spreading of K-Pop” with the music video of BTOB’s “Insane” playing on the background. They reported, “K-Pop groups are washing over the Spanish music industry with their good looks and their musical talents. With songs that stay in your memory and with glittery performances that are equally as impressive as Lady GaGa’s, K-Pop is crossing the Asian borders and entering the hearts of thousands of fans.”

Cuatro TV also spoke about several K-Pop artists that are leading the K-Pop craze in Spain and mentioned BTOB. They said, “Remember their name for they will upraise a new fandom culture amongst teenagers.”

Meanwhile, BTOB has held a successful debut performance with their track, “Insane,”

Check out the video clip below: