Cube Entertainment’s new idol band, BTOB, held its debut launch showcase on March 21, officially kick starting their promotion as a seven member boy group. The event was held shortly after BTOB’s debut singles, “Insane” and “Imagine,” were released online. The launch show itself cost over $100K USD, showing how serious Cube Entertainment is about this group.

“We’re not satisfied 100%. It was our first live stage, so we were very nervous and clumsy at times. We think it’s hard to show 100% of what we got on our first stage. But we’ll work harder moving forward to show growth and development,” BTOB said.

BEAST is just too busy so it’s hard to see them in person. But we’re learning a lot from their promotions. G.NA’s in Canada now but she told us to do well. 4minute is busy filming their MV, but they told us to do well and not be nervous on stage. They just told us to enjoy it,” BTOB added when asked if their fellow Cube Entertainment artists gave any word of advice.

“Our strongest part is that we know how to play instruments and have a lot of talent too. Also, all seven members have unique personalities, so you won’t forget us once you see us. Of course, it would be difficult to show everything about us here, but we’ll do our best to show a growing side of us moving forward,” they added.

After the showcase took place, Cube Entertainment uploaded the full video of the launching show on their official BTOB YouTube channel. Enjoy the video below!