Boy group BTOB expressed their confidence in their first full-length album since debut.

The seven-member boy group held the showcase for their first full-length album “Complete” in Seoul on June 29. At the showcase, BTOB explained, “We had a great time preparing this full-length album because we were all very confident it was going to be a success. It’s awesome to be able to show what BTOB can do best through this album. The digital sales have been great so far too, which is a bonus.”

They continued, “This is a joint effort by the members and our agency family. We also want to tell our fans, who have waited more than we did, that we are thankful.”

It’s Okay,” BTOB’s title track from the album, is a touching ballad track written by Son Young Jin and Jo Sung Ho. The members of the group contributed to many of the 13 tracks in the album. BTOB will begin promotions this week.

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