BTOB released a “The Beat Extra” video today through Cube Entertainment’s official YouTube channel and inside is a gem of a moment that shows how a professional idol’s mind works.

The video captures BTOB’s leader, Eunkwang, immersed in juggling practice. The members follow suit, with varying results. The captions on the video read, “Don’t know if this an idol waiting room or a circus arena.”

Member Minhyuk suggests, as he watches many of the other members juggling, that they end the video with them all juggling together. Eunkwang then adds, “Let’s create a choreography out of it!” It seems Eunkwang is always thinking like an idol, ready to shape anything into a performance for fans.

In the end of the video, only one member remains standing, figuratively speaking, (somewhat) mastering the art of juggling. Watch the video to find out who.