BTS is continuing their 2021 FESTA celebrations for their 8th anniversary with two big events, Muster Sowoozoo and Room Live.

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Room Live, which will be held on June 11 at 12:00 AM KST, is going to be a fun event with what seems like will be exciting and rare performances.

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BTS has recently released a new set of photos, teasing the event. ARMYs quickly noticed some unusual hashtags…

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They recognized that the hashtags contained words that seemed a lot like some familiar BTS songs. Presuming to be a hint for the setlist, ARMYs have decoded and translated to guess them to be “Like/I Like It 2.,” “UGH!,” “Look Here,” and “Telepathy.”

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A couple of days later, BTS will hold their Muster fanmeeting Sowoozoo, a two-day online live-streaming concert event.

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Based on ARMY on Air and a new preview released for the event, ARMYs have lots of guesses for that setlist as well.

After careful review, ARMY believes the setlist will consist of “FIRE,” “So What,” “Dis-ease,” “Mikrokosmos,” “Not Today,” “Daechwita,” and “Mikrokosmos,” which the event is named for. Since it seems quite obvious Suga‘s (Agust D) “Daechwita” is almost definitely going to be performed, we also hope other members’ solo songs might be performed too, such as RM‘s “Bicycle.” 

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Day One of 2021 Muster begins at 6:30 PM KST (5:30 AM EST), June 13 (Sun.), 2021. Day Two, also known as the World Tour Version, which will include some of BTS’s foreign language songs like “Dynamite,” begins at 6:30 PM KST (5:30 AM EST), June 14th (Mon.), 2021.

With so many exciting events back-to-back, ARMY, we’re booked and busy!

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