And the award goes to…BTS! In addition to taking home trophies from major music award shows, BTS is winning big at their very own award show, the Bangtan Awards.


In celebration of their 8th anniversary, BTS released new profiles for 2021 FESTA that feature trivia, life mottos, goals, and a whole lot of Bangtan style silliness. As part of the group profile, each BTS member was given a prestigious prize.

With three votes, leader RM won the award for making hearts flutter, and yes, he definitely deserves it! Fun fact: Suga also gave RM the “hot body” trophy as part of the individual awards.

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Speaking of Suga, three members nominated him for the “above average award,” because he is above average at everything he does!

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What did Worldwide Handsome Jin add to his trophy case? Five members voted for this living masterpiece to win the “sculpture award.” This definitely isn’t the first award Jin has won for being good-looking!

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With four votes, J-Hope claimed the “fantastically cool award” for being a too-cool-to-be-real person that others dream of becoming.

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Jimin won an award for being the person that the other members would want to spend their daily lives with. Three members voted for him.

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It may come as no surprise that the unique and enigmatic won the “research subject award.” He is the member that the others want to study. (Three votes).

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With three votes, Jungkook won an award for being his extraordinary self. There’s nothing the multi-talented maknae can’t do!

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