BTS just gave the world its second taste of “Butter”, their upcoming single, but the new teasers aren’t all they seem!

Jungkook | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter & @sugasbutera/Twitter

True to their promotion scheduleBig Hit Music revealed the first two concept videos for “Butter” today. The solo videos, starring Jungkook and RM, feature a synthetic drumbeat that might not be part of “Butter” after all.

The song heard in the clips is an instrumental version “2020”, a royalty-free track by IamDayLight. It is possible that “Butter” could sample parts of “2020,” since BTS has sampled over a dozen songs in their music. For example, they sampled Keb’ Mo‘s “Am I Wrong” in their song “Am I Wrong.”

There’s also a chance that “2020” might only be used for the concept clips. If that’s the case, what will “Butter” actually sound like? Listen to “2020” here!