BTS‘s dancers, crew, and staff members are celebrating in style!

| @bbmas/Twitter

This past weekend, BTS put on their wildly successful virtual concert, MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E. After wrapping up Day 2 of the concert, many of the people who helped BTS with the show left Olympic Gymnastics Arena to celebrate…


…at Ossu Seiromushi, a restaurant owned and operated by Jin‘s older brother, Kim Seokjung.

Ossu Seiromushi | @BTSupdatesinfo/Twitter

Last month, Jin revealed that the restaurant was in danger of going out of business because of the COVID-19 pandemic. He opened up about his brother’s hardships in an interview on MBC Radio‘s Bae Cheol Soo’s Music Camp (BCSMC) program.


My big brother runs a restaurant and he’s suffering from the pandemic. Nowadays, I talk to him about his difficulties. He recently sold his car to keep his business, so I’m worried about these difficulties.

— Jin

Thankfully, Ossu Seiromushi is still very much alive and ready to open up its doors for a post-concert party. Dancers, staff members, dance director Son Sung Deuk, and more reportedly attended the celebration.


Parliamentary Wine shared several photos of the custom “Hot 100” wine the guests enjoyed at the party on Instagram. The wine was created to commemorate BTS’s “Hot 100” chart achievements for “Dynamite”.