BTS‘ “Dynamite” has had a crazy week–and it seems like it has yet to slow down!


The song has allowed them to break two more Guinness World Records: it is now the K-Pop song with the most weeks on the US Hot 100 and on the top spot of Digital Song Sales Billboard charts.


“Dynamite” spent 32 weeks on the US Hot 100 chart, beating the previous record holder, PSY‘s “Gangnam Style,” by just one week. It was also the first Korean song to top the chart when it debuted last summer.

As for the Digital Song Sales chart, “Dynamite” beat out Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee‘s “Despacito,” spending 18 weeks on the top spot–beating out “Despacito” by a week.


“Dynamite” is no longer on top of the Digital Song Sales chart, but that doesn’t matter, because its replacement is “Film Out,” BTS’ most recent release.
| Billboard

Including these two new additions, BTS have now broken a total of 20 different Guinness World Records!