BTS and ENHYPEN always bring their A game when it comes to fashion. However, sometimes their styles can overlap. Check out these 5 times when the members matched each other and gave us “father and son” vibes!

1. RM and Jungwon

RM and Jungwon wore the same sweatervest but gave completely different vibes.

| @sugalyricist/Twitter

RM was bundled up and used the vest as a pop of color during the cold winter weather in BTS’s Winter Package 2021.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Meanwhile, Jungwon paired it with a fraying button-up shirt for a shabby chic vibe.

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

2. Jin and Heeseung

Jin and Heeseung once wore the same silk button-up shirt.

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Jin wore the Fawn Polka-dot cropped shirt in silk is by Saint Laurent in the “Dynamite” music video.

| BTS Official/Facebook

If you want to match the two boys, you’ll have to throw down over $1000!

3. J-Hope and Sunghoon

Sunghoon wore the Happy Flower Army Knit by LANDLORD for ENHYPEN’s photoshoot with SEVENTEEN Magazine Japan.

| @ihs_heeseung/Twitter

J-Hope wore the same sweater during many of the “Life Goes On” promotions, including the “In The Forest” version of the music video.

The sweater retails for $550.

the fact music awards
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4. Suga and Sunoo

Suga and Sunoo wore the same cozy cardigan but made it unique to their own style.

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Suga wore it for his long-anticipated return to the stage at the 35th Golden Disc Awards.


Meanwhile, Sunoo paired it with a turtleneck and made ENGENE swoon with some adorable selfies.

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

5. Jin and Jake

Both Jin and Jake have rocked the Snowflake Cricket Sweater by Ralph Lauren.

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Jin donned the cozy look while filming BTS’s 2021 Winter Package.

On Weekly Idol, Jake dressed up the sweater by layering it with a button-up shirt.

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The sweater retails for $387!

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