One of the worst things that K-Pop groups have to deal with is solo stans. These are “fans” who choose to support only one member of a group and pretty much ignores the other members. On Quora, the question, “What is your opinion on BTS solo stans?” was asked, and a Quora user by the name of Minnie shared their experience of dealing with a Jungkook solo stan.


Minnie was quite blunt when talking about solo stans.

I really really dislike them.

I met one once.

— Minnie/Quora

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At Minnie’s school, there were some problems with the school buses, so some students had to wait at the school cafeteria. While waiting at the school cafeteria, Minnie noticed a student wearing some BTS merchandise, and decided to converse with her.

At my school, we had a bus driver shortage, so some students had to wait for the first group of buses to go and then come back to get them. I was one of them.

We just sit in the cafeteria waiting. All 3-grade levels were there. There was this girl when I was in 8th grade, she was in 6th.

I found out she was an ARMY when I saw her wearing BTS merch.

— Minnie/Quora

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During their conversation, Minnie ended up finding out that the person was a solo stan.

I started talking to her and then I realized she was a solo stan.

— Minnie/Quora


While the solo stan didn’t exactly hate the other BTS members, Minnie did find her quite annoying. The reason was that the solo stan would only talk about Jungkook and claimed that she was the only person who biased Jungkook, which Minnie just found ridiculous.

She didn’t exactly hate the other members or anything. She was really annoying, though. She would always talk to me about Jungkook and only Jungkook. You can probably guess that Jungkook is her bias.

She claimed “no one else has the same bias as me”, though Jungkook (and the maknae line) is hella popular amongst younger fans.

— Minnie/Quora


Minnie’s BTS bias at the time was Jimin, but whenever Jimin or any other member besides Jungkook was brought up, the solo stan would immediately try to switch the topic.

At that time, my bias was still Jimin. Whenever I brought something up about Jimin or any other members other than Jungkook, she would immediately change the subject. It was quite annoying because I would never get to talk.

— Minnie/Quora


In the end, Minnie didn’t have a great time conversing with the solo stan and encouraged people to love all the members of any group they might listen to.

So in conclusion, I really do not like people who are solo stans. You’re stanning a group because of the music and the music is sung by the group as a whole, so if you’re gonna stan a group, stan ALL of the members. The music wouldn’t be possible without ALL of the members.

— Minnie/Quora