BTS has prepared something new for fans!

On January 7, Big Hit Entertainment made an addition to BTS’s BU (Bangtan Universe) storyline with the appearance of a Twitter account called “Smeraldo Books.”

According to the first post on the account, Smeraldo Books is derived from Smeraldo, which holds the meaning of “the truth untold” in the language of flowers. It also added, “The book created by ‘Smeraldo Books’ will do its best to express sincerity. Thank you.”

The account also included a clip of Jin, along with English and Japanese translations of the post’s Korean caption.

BTS first introduced the concept of Smeraldo in August of 2017 with a simple post on their Twitter. Fans soon realized Smeraldo was part of a bigger concept in BTS’s fictional franchise, which included the “Love Yourself” highlight reel and diary entries for the “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: The Notes” saga.

What are your thoughts on this new account?