BTS is continuing their special series of events for “BTS Festa 2015” in order to celebrate the group’s second anniversary since their debut. Most recently, the group held a special hour-long radio show for fans. In the video, the members sing some songs and discuss interesting topics. Fortunately, the video includes English subtitles. Check it out below!

The group also shared their goals for 2015 as well as some messages on their official Facebook page. Personalized, handwritten answers are shared on the image. Check out the translations below!BTS Festa 2015 Goals and Messages
Name: BTS

Birthday: June 13, 2013

Age: 2 Years

Specialty: Idiots

2015 BTS Goals

V – “Hearing our song on the streets everywhere.”

J-Hope – “Performing at a larger concert venue in Korea.”

Jimin – “To improve skills quickly.”

Suga – “Hearing our music playing everywhere.”

Jin – “Performing in front of lots of ARMYs (BTS fans).”

Rap Monster – “Triple crown. Get more recognition. Make better music.”

Jungkook – “Have a concert on a really large stage.”

A Message to BTS

V – “Let’s not have bad relations and keep going like this 20 years, 30 years, 50 years and more. Let’s be healthy and happy.”

J-Hope – “We are cool now, but let’s become even cooler.”

Jimin – “Smile~”

Suga – “Let’s be relaxed.”

Jin – “Let’s go on for longer than 20 years.”

Rap Monster – “Let’s enjoy.”

Jungkook – “Let’s work hard.”

A Message to ARMY

V – “Always be healthy. Love us as much as we love you (We love you crazy).”

J-Hope – “You’re inside my heart!!! Are we in ARMY’s hearts!!??”

Jimin – “Just like the way ARMY trusts and supports us, know that we trust ARMY too.”

Suga – “Let’s last for a long time~”

Jin – “We don’t expect too much from ARMY. Just want to be together.”

Rap Monster – “Let’s make each other happy.”

Jungkook – “Please keep looking upon us favorably.”

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