BTS‘s J-Hope has returned from his “important business” in Los Angeles and his airport fashion is dropping jaws!


On August 19, J-Hope left Korea wearing a baggy, black sweatshirt…



…and on August 23, he came back with a totally different style! J-Hope’s denim shirt has only two buttons holding down the forte.



Aren’t buttons are the worst?



J-Hope’s summery, American-style fashion is making some fans wonder if he left “Hobi” in LA and brought “Jay” (his sexy side) back instead!



J-Hope’s wasn’t shy about showing skin at the airport, but he’s keeping his hair under wraps. When J-Hope left Korea, fans noticed these new blonde highlights and they can’t wait to see more.



Right now, J-Hope’s hair is as much a secret as his trip was…



…but fans are hoping he’ll share his “important business” (and his new hair) with them soon!