When the staff announced a dance challenge on Run BTS!BTS was sure J-Hope would win it. Fate (and Jin) had other plans!

|Run BTS!/Weverse

In the game “Guess My Dance Moves”, vocalist Jin proved that he’s also the dark horse of dance. Staff members performed vague versions of BTS’s dances, and Jin blew everyone away with his surprising knowledge of the choreography by guessing clue after clue.

|Run BTS!/Weverse

At first, J-Hope took it all in stride, but he gradually became more competitive…

|Run BTS!/Weverse

…because his reputation was at stake!

|Run BTS!/Weverse

This dance king realized he was in trouble when Jin correctly guessed “Run”…

|Run BTS!/Weverse

…and Jungkook snatched up “Blood, Sweat & Tears.”

|Run BTS!/Weverse

He finally scored a win with “FAKE LOVE”…

|Run BTS!/Weverse

…and his dance showed just how grateful he was for the points!

|Run BTS!/Weverse

Unfortunately, this win didn’t turn into a winning streak. J-Hope incorrectly guessed “Anpanman” instead of “FIRE”, and by the end of the round his score was way behind most of the other members’.

|Run BTS!/Weverse

Naturally, Jimin and Jin both teased him before the next game began.

Jin even went so far as to tell J-Hope (and the rest of their members) to have more passion for dance. Oh well, better luck next time!

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