Recently, BTS‘s J-Hope visited Weverse and interacted with fans as he wondered how everyone was doing.

I’m curious about everything how’s your day~.

⁠— J-Hope

| Weverse

With the group’s online concert coming up, one fan asked, “Hoseok oppa, can you give us a little spoiler for the upcoming concert so I can look forward to it.”

| Weverse

To this, J-Hope left this response, “Hobi’s superman dance.”

| Weverse

After seeing J-Hope’s little hint, fans began to wonder what kind of dance it could be.

| Daydream MV/YouTube

One fan asked, “Is is this kind of dance by chance?”

| Weverse

J-Hope answered with only emojis for this post.

| Weverse

J-Hope also gave a message of hope like the sunshine boy he is to fans who were feeling down.

| Weverse

He commented, “Just think lightly about everything~”

| Weverse

It seems like fans need to take J-Hope’s advice in thinking lightly otherwise ARMYs will be spending night and day trying to figure out what the upcoming concert will be like!


BTS will be holding their Map of the Soul ON:E online concert on October 10 and 11.