BTS‘s J-Hope has nothing but love for his fans and his birthplace, Gwangju.


Last year, the city of Gwangju unveiled “Hope World”, a message sculpture honoring their hometown hero. The sculpture, located on K-Pop Star Street in Chungjang-ro, Gwangju, is named after J-Hope’s first mixtape HOPE WORLD, which dropped on March 2, 2018.

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“Hope World” has 21,800 loving messages from ARMYs to J-Hope…

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…that were collected from all over the world.

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J-Hope is now responding to this outpouring of love with a message of his own. A gold plaque, engraved with his handwriting, was recently added to the statue.

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“Seeing messages of support from fans from all over the world touches my heart,” J-Hope wrote. “I’ll be sure to become a J-Hope who works even harder so that I can live up to my fans’ love! Thank you!”

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He truly is Gwangju’s pride — and ARMY’s sunshine!

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