The BTS members love pulling small pranks on each other, but they aren’t always successful. One time, J-Hope tried to “trick” Jimin, but Jimin already knew what was going on!

BTS’s Jimin

BTS’s J-Hope

J-Hope once acted like he was taking a photo, when in reality, he was recording a video. J-Hope then got Jimin and acted like he wanted to take a photo together, but Jimin already knew that J-Hope was taking a video!

| Yoonki Min/YouTube 

Jimin was able to catch this because he had done this “trick” to the members many times before!

| Yoonki Min/YouTube  

J-Hope laughed and ended the video with a finger heart to ARMYs (BTS’s fandom).

| Yoonki Min/YouTube 

Here’s the full video below!