In the latest episode of “BE Log,” BTS‘s J-Hope treated his fans to some major duality with his charming cuteness and dazzling good looks!

J-Hope started the “BE Log” in his studio dancing along to one of their latest tracks, “Dis-ease,” with cute heart stickers and some behind-the-scene clips!


When fans thought it would be a cute video of him dancing through his schedule, J-Hope quickly changed it up revealing another side to himself.

J-Hope showed some behind-the-scenes clips from a recent photoshoot where he dazzled with his award-winning visuals…

But there was also some more dancing here just to quench your J-Hope thirst even more.

Luckily, before his visuals blinded us too much, J-Hope came back dancing fans through the rest of the video and being adorable!

Make sure to check out the whole “BE Log” for all of J-Hope’s duality!