As BTS is in the middle of their ever hectic schedules while promoting their latest album, “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”, it appears that the members are never ceasing to work on their next big thing!

bts new music 2020 1

With the coronavirus’s “social distancing” keeping ARMYs away from the boys, many fans are wondering what the members have been up to lately. Earlier on Weverse, one fan asked, “Are you guys on vacation right now??

But V had everyone bursting with curiosity when he replied, “We’re working very hard“!

bts v working

As fans began to speculate what they must be working on next, J-Hope may have dropped another hint that one thing’s for certain – they’re continuously working on their next music!

Another fan asked, “Oppa, what kind of style of music are you working on these daysㅠ I’m already excited for it.” J-Hope replied, “These days I’m just listening, searching, and trying~ㅠ I’m just doing stuff,,, ㅠ

jhope bts working new music

Was V referring to new music like J-Hope? Are they referring to their never ending endorsement deals like FILA? Are they preparing new content for BTS Bomb or Run BTS?

bts new music 2020 5

One thing’s for certain, BTS only work as hard as they do for their ARMYs and they’re going to be dropping another treat for their fans soon!

bts new music 2020 2