BTS‘s J-Hope just released a new interview on Weverse where he answered over 30 questions in the 2 minutes and 4 seconds he had.


Despite J-Hope’s worry that he wouldn’t get to all the questions in such a short time, he managed to answer each question without hesitation.


He was asked which part-time job he wants to try the most to which he answered, “A part-time job at a convenience store.


He was then asked which variety show he wishes to appear on the most.


And his answer has fans excited.

I want to appear on ‘I Live Alone.’

— J-Hope

As for what challenge he wants to embark on next, J-Hope expressed that he wishes to release his second mixtape following “Hope World” back in 2018.


A second mixtape? Yes, please.


An appearance on I Live Alone? Yes, please X2!


Check out the full interview clip below: