BTS member J-Hope‘s sister, Jung Jiwoo, recently opened her YouTube channel, and she already has over 538,000 followers.

BTS J-Hope Sister Jung Jiwoo

The first and only video available on her channel is a vlog featuring her day-to-day activities being the CEO of her online shopping mall and enjoying a weekend date.


Jung Jiwoo first opened her channel last month and named it MEJIWOO, which means “Me, Jiwoo”. The first video however was uploaded on September 11, only about 5 days ago. Within just a few days, the video surpassed 1.4 million views.


She initially became famous when BTS fans taking an interest in her because of her beauty. Jung Jiwoo looks like a celebrity herself with gorgeous facial features, just like her brother J-Hope.


In her first vlog, she says, “Recording my day in a video isn’t easy, but I think I’ll get better with more practice” and suggested she will be updating the channel periodically.

Check out her vlog below!