During BTS‘s recent appearance on tvN’s You Quiz On The Block, J-Hope expressed his gratitude for the love and support his mother has given him over the years.

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He revealed that even when the future was unclear for him on his path to debut, his mother would always offer words of support.

The hardest words for me were ‘When are you going to debut?’ Whenever I would go down to Gwangju again, my mother would give me the necessary push of encouragement.

— J-Hope

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Her undying support from the beginning gave him the drive to succeed, not only to fulfill his own goals, but also to repay her for her selflessness.

As my mother trusts and helps me, I must succeed. My mother’s happiness is my happiness and her laughter is my laughter.

— J-Hope

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Previously, J-Hope revealed the sacrifices his mom made to help him achieve his dream. Back when his father was opposed to him pursuing becoming a dancer/idol, his mother took on two jobs to help pay for J-Hope’s lessons.

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His solo track on WINGS, “MAMA,” describes his gratitude for his mother’s help and the sacrifices she made for her son.

Time travel the year of 2006
Crazy for dance
I tightened my mom’s belt
Despite my dad’s opposition, every time I attacked
Without paying any concern
She floated the small boat of my dreams.

— “MAMA”

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Now, J-Hope’s determination to repay his mother has allowed him to be able to take care of her the same way she took care of him.

Hey mama
Now you can lean on me
I’ll always be by your side
… Because you gave selflessly to me
Because you were my support
… Now you can believe in your son, you can smile

— “MAMA”