BTS‘s J-Hope is gaining attention for his precious reaction to a dancer during Melon Music Awards 2018.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

The lucky dancer in question is Na Haeun, a pint-sized solo artist and model who performed a variety of popular music covers, including BTS.

In resurfaced photos and video clips, netizens are going crazy for J-Hope’s warm “dad smile” full of pride.




His sweet reaction to her performance is both sincere and heart-fluttering.

J-Hope, I love you. My ideal type is a warm and friendly person like him.

J-Hope is heart-fluttering.

Hobi is a person whose entire body is full of kindness and consideration.

— Nate Pann netizen’s comments

Once you fall for J-Hope’s charms, there’s no escape!

Watch his full adorable reaction at MMA 2018 below.