BTS’s J-Hope once had a gorgeous female celebrity as his wallpaper…and it didn’t go unnoticed by fans!


On Twitter, he posted a video of himself in his studio listening to Suga’s mixtape. However, upon closer look, you can see the silhouette of a woman on his computer wallpaper.

A month later, Jungkook recorded a video of J-Hope goofing around in his studio.

This time, you can catch a glimpse of his laptop wallpaper (on the left side of the video).

If you pause the video, you can see the woman on his laptop…

EiJ-MKAWsAA1Nea (1)

…is the same one on his computer! She’s none other than American singer and songwriter Tinashe.


A whole year later, V posted some of his photography showcasing J-Hope in his studio, where he still has her as his wallpaper.

What’s even cuter is the way he seems to minimize his tabs to see her while he works!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

J-Hope is also vocal about his love for Tinashe. He often names her as an artist he would like to collaborate with.


His answer often gets a big reaction from his fellow members. It seems they know about his crush!

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